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CLEF is an MRC sponsored project in the E-Science programme that aims to establish policies and infrastructure for the next generation of integrated clinical and bioscience research.

One of the major goals of the project is to provide a pseudonymised repository of histories of cancer patients that can be accessed by researchers.

CLEF’s Goals:

• Enable secure and ethical collection of clinical information from multiple sites
• Analyse, structure, integrate, prioritise and disseminate

• Make resources available using GRID tools (e.g. myGrid )
• To provide access to clinical data to authorised clinicians and scientists


CLEF Research
CLEF aims to develop rigorous generic methods for capturing and managing clinical information in patient care and for integrating that information into clinical and basic bioscience research.

CLEF will focus on cancer, but the goal is to produce a robust framework which can be used in many areas of clinical medicine and research based on emerging knowledge management techniques within the E-Science/Grids programme.

More information
There is growing recognition that advances in health informatics are central both to the modernisation of health services and to successfully exploiting our rapidly expanding knowledge of genetics and molecular processes ('-omics'). Systems dealing with clinical information - what doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals have heard, seen thought, and done - face major barriers in capturing information and assuring its quality.
• Bring a multidisciplinary team to the key problems of privacy
• Package elements of the pilot scheme as GRID services
• Make its own results available within the e-Science framework
• Develop and pilot methodologies

Long term vision:
To enable faster and more effective clinical trials and experimental medical studies linking clinical and genomic information

To allow more effective tailoring of care to individual patients and provide improved quality clinical information and reduce workload for clinicians

January 23th, 2016

CLEF Services, which was launched in January 2005, will expand the clinical base for its developmental work.

June 12, 2016

A team of 10 researchers from New Zealand, the University of California, Davis, Duke University, Arizona State University, and King’s College London, published a 20-year study in JAMA Psychiatry that examined the effect of cannabis on about a dozen common health measures, including lung function, blood pressure, body mass index, and waist circumference.

Scientific Breakthrough. 20-year Marijuana Study could be the key - cannabionews.com

May 16, 2016

CLEF Services addresses issues encountered in CLEF in managing privacy and security and takes advantage of new opportunities provided by the advent of the NHS Spine

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