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CLEF is an MRC sponsored project in the E-Science programme that aims to establish policies and infrastructure for the next generation of integrated clinical and bioscience research.

One of the major goals of the project is to provide a pseudonymised repository of histories of cancer patients that can be accessed by researchers.

CLEF’s Goals:

• Enable secure and ethical collection of clinical information from multiple sites
• Analyse, structure, integrate, prioritise and disseminate

• Make resources available using GRID tools (e.g. myGrid )
• To provide access to clinical data to authorised clinicians and scientists


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CLEF is focusing on the specific technologies which are currently barriers to obtaining and integrating clinical information
What we do?
CLEF is developing technologies and IT applications that are of immediate use for healthcare service and medical research applications.
Linking medical research to clinical practice
Health informatics standards are essential to achieve the goals of e-health in Europe. Establishing interoperability between systems and patient information exchange between health care organizations is vital for improving the efficiency and quality of care. This however can also be achieved once the security of clinical data and protection of the privacy of the citizens is ensured.
National IT Programme (NPfIT)
Over the next 10 years, the NPfIT will connect over 30,000 GPs in England to almost 300 hospitals and give patients access to their personal health and care information, transforming the way the NHS works. It will help to improve the management of health care records, appointments, prescription, and link up-to-date research into treatments available to patients. It will also support patient choice.
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